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DVSA ADI Part 3 Rescue Training

DVSA ADI Part 3 Rescue Training, Test Of Ability To Instruct

Have you received ADI Part 3 training that you are not happy with?

Have you had an attempt at the ADI Part 3 test and failed?

Do you want a second opinion on your readiness for the ADI Part 3 test because you’re not convinced by your current or previous trainer?

It is easy to feel extremely negative after a setback.

It can be tempting to just want to go for the test and get it over with, but rushing into a retest without properly reflecting as to your readiness, or ensuring that you have done sufficient training and preparation, can easily result in wasting all of the work and expense that you have put in to qualifying.

You are only allowed 3 attempts at the ADI Part 3, a wasted attempt can be extremely costly in the long run.

Driving Instructor Trainers offers rescue training, for any of these, or similar situations.

Book a training session, we will evaluate your current ability, and your readiness for the DVSA ADI Part 3 Test, and give you honest feedback.

We can offer advice tailored to your circumstances, regarding how to plan any additional training, when to schedule your DVSA ADI Part 3 Test, and whether a trainee licence will be beneficial to you or not.

It is entirely your choice as to how much, if any, of our advice that you take, but we can offer an expert impartial opinion

Arrange A DVSA ADI Part 3 Training Session

Book a single, half day DVSA ADI Part 3 Training Session

We will assess your teaching,
We will identify your strengths and weaknesses,
We will start the process of helping you to develop the skills and knowledge needed for you to be successful.

We will work with you to plan your preparation for DVSA ADI Part 3

Whether you simply need 1 or 2 training sessions, or whether you need a longer course we can advise you.

The starting point though is going to be an initial training session.

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