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Preparing For DVSA ADI Part 1

Preparing For Theory And Hazard Perception Test, DVSA ADI Part 1

It can be tempting to rely solely on practicing with the many examples of ADI Part 1 examination type questions that are available, however, the real examination questions will be different, so it is essential to study all of the course material thoroughly.

Thorough preparation for ADI Part 1 will help with your subsequent qualification and your role as a driving instructor:

There are several publications that together give all of the information needed to pass the DVSA ADI Part 1 Theory Test.

Thorough and detailed study of these publications is essential, both to pass the test, but more importantly to have the depth of knowledge to be able to teach.

People learn in different ways, so the best way to study for the DVSA ADI Part 1 Theory Test will vary from person to person.

Some people will feel confident to simply read all of the required material, although some publications may require reading numerous times to fully take in all of the information.

Driving Instructor Trainers can if required provide a workbook that will guide you through your studies, focusing on one subject area at a time, with example questions to confirm that the information studied has been learnt and retained.

There is a lot of material to study, so it is important to allow sufficient time to learn everything.

After the syllabus has been completed, there are several sources of example exam questions available to practice.

Driving Instructor Trainers can provide you with everything that you need to prepare for the DVSA ADI Part 1 Theory Test:

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