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Guide To Hazard Perception Test DVSA ADI Part 1

Guide To DVSA ADI Part 1 Hazard Perception Test

The Hazard Perception Test follows on immediately after you complete The Theory Test.

The test consists of watching 14 video clips each lasting approximately 1 minute, and identifying 15 hazards.
14 videos with 1 hazard and 1 video with 2 hazards.

Each video is shown from the viewpoint of the driver, driving along the road.

As you watch each video you will see various hazards
eg. parked cars, side roads, driveways.

But the hazards that you will be scored on are all

Developing Hazards

An example of a developing hazard could be seeing a child move across the pavement, behind a parked car and out into the road.

This hazard takes a few seconds to fully develop, and the earlier you click the computer mouse to show that you have seen a developing hazard the higher you score.

As each hazard takes a few seconds to develop, the test is aimed to test not your reactions, but your observation and anticipation.

Each hazard has a maximum score of 5 points if you identify it early, decreasing to 0 points if you identify it too late.

With 15 hazards the maximum possible score is 75 points and the pass mark for this exam is 57 points.

There are many video clips available, either online or on DVDs to practice The Hazard Perception Test.
DVSA has a bank of several hundred video clips for the actual exam, and these real video clips are not available anywhere for practice.

The Hazard Perception Test is testing the real life driving skills of observation and anticipation,
so as well as using video clips to practice, it can also be good preparation to develop hazard perception skills in the car,
this will also help towards the driving ability test, ADI Part 2, and the instructional ability test, ADI Part 3.

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